♡ 'Scuse me,Princess ♡

I'm Ann-Marie.Good aft'

I'm 16 and shitty at stuff
I love Pin-Up/Rockabilly fashion and Duckie Dale

Arctic Monkeys,Oasis,David Bowie,The Last Shadow Puppets,Grimes,Florence And The Machine,Haim,Thin Lizzy,Queen,The Black Keys,Bob Dylan,Marina And The Diamonds,Little Comets,Blink 182,The Smiths,The Cure,The Strypes
Areyt bye x


when your parents leave you alone in the houseimage


how to write poetry like a white person

  • cigarettes
  • the taste of you
  • drowning
  • save me
  • no wait save yourself
  • cigarettes
  • !!

make sure to left align and god forbid touch a capital letter